"...Because communication done well can be called art and because art is a beautiful form of communication that goes beyond any prejudice and constraint. Because It’s Art Darling, It’s Art!"

It’s Art darling, it’s Art !

by Anca Ungureanu


#adiary@CannesLions Day#2: Pharrell Williams and his 12 commandments

My 10 minute walk to the Palais des Festivals des Cannes this morning consisted of me rocking out with some admirable dance moves to “Happy”, the song that definitely drove everybody crazy in 2014. So crazy in fact, that people made videos to it everywhere in the world. It became just as viral as the Bucket Challenge Idea, that coincidentally, just won a gold Lion tonight.

Yes, I started my morning with Pharrell in every good sense. He was invited to Cannes this year to talk about Creativity & Collaboration. The session was moderated by Ryan Seacrest, who added a special spice due to his distinguished aura and impressive moderating abilities.


You might be asking yourself, exactly like someone on my Facebook page asked about Natalie Imbruglia yesterday: ok I like the girl/ guy, he is nice, sings good music, but what was the seminar about? Well, considering that the guy literally build up an industry around himself, from being a singer, write producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and much more, I believe this was a leadership lesson in essence. And yes, he may have had a good publicist behind him and a bit of luck along the way, but most of all I think Pharrell has talent, creativity, courage and a heavy dose of common sense blended into that. Actually, I found him quite sensitive for a guy that wears a solid gold necklace and a funny hat all the time.

Here are the 12 commandments of Pharrell, or the 12 take a ways, however you want to put it, in his own words:

1. It’s not a real collaboration if you are not learning something out of it; people won’t consider the energy that is in the room. I believe there is something about it that’s allowed me to sort of dictate what to do next when I make a decision. What is your tactile and kinesthetic response to that energy and how you transform it to your advantage? That’s what writes the song for me.

2. I found myself doing things that are so different from what I know how to do. So don’t wait for the stars to align, do it yourself and create your own constellation.

3. Sound is more powerful than ever and organizations that have previously had video strategies now have sound strategies. All of our memories are connected to the 5 senses. Sound is the one that accompanies the other 4 always and creates the final music in itself. Life without sound is so empty and brands without a sound mute their identity.

4. Make sure you always incorporate intention into everything you do.

5. Ubiquity is ok, you cannot fight but always think about your individuality; it’s your identity and you cannot fight it.

6. There is a balance between creativity and commerce and when you concentrate in on your creativity in a positive way, it turns into commerce.

7. Being surrounded by people more creative than you is great! You can stay grounded when everybody else around you floats.

8. A curious mind is a young mind and as long as the fire is burning than you are alive! So never stop learning.

9. There is so much value in live entertainment. It’s the currency that gives you a platform to connect with people. Is pure luxury, a privilege, because people have direct access to you and you can influence an audience.

10. Social media must be appreciated because it is a gift that our predecessors did not have.

11. Attention span: we are species of habit and we remain interested in the things that interest us. The kinesthetic value relies on intention and care. Make sure your main ingredient, the intention, remains pure.

12. It’s not about who is right but what is right. People don’t want to be known for being right but for being the ones that are getting it right. It’s about accountability and talking responsibility for what you do, always.
Amen to that!



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