"...Because communication done well can be called art and because art is a beautiful form of communication that goes beyond any prejudice and constraint. Because It’s Art Darling, It’s Art!"

It’s Art darling, it’s Art !

by Anca Ungureanu


#adiary@CannesLions Day#3

Day#3 at Cannes Lion was full of heavy names that spoke on stage. I don’t know if this was just a simple coincidence that they all came to speak on my birthday but I was really happy that I had the opportunity to spend my anniversary in such lovely company. If I would have to choose one sentence that would define the theme of the day, it would be: “brands with a purpose for a greater good”. You will see why.

The day debuted with #WEHAVEAPLAN, the first global cinema campaign that was initiated by Richard Curtis – filmmaker, humanitarian and the man behind Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Mr. Bean, Nothing hill and many other movies that were brought to cinemas around the globe. He is also the vice-chair of Comic Relief, a humanitarian foundation who’s objective is to fight poverty and famine around the world. With the support and creative mind of Sir John Hegarty, he initiated the #WEHAVEAPLAN Project Everyone campaign that has as purpose through the aims of cinema to end poverty by 2030.

On stage together with them were well known actors but also human rights activists: Frida Pinto and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The panel touched on a few topics including creativity, and cinema as a creative industry that can help spark change for a greater good. Backed by the United Nations, the #WEHAVEAPLAN 60 second ad is being created for Project Everyone, to utilize the power of the big screen to reach and captivate a global cinema audience. There are so many stories to be told out there; most of them are stories about social discrepancies, poverty, climate change and how this planet we call home can potentially transform into an unrecognizable place. The campaign aims to harness the power  of cinema, creativity, and communication to raise awareness.

Keith Weed, Chief of Marketing & Communication for Unilever, also touched on the same theme of marketing and creativity for a greater good in the next presentation. He concentrated his presentation on 3 main themes: the idea, the trust and the transformation. Consumer demand led growth in this world requires marketers to think about creativity in a different way; curating brilliant ideas, content, people, and connecting purchase to purpose in order to give a brand experience that penetrates beyond the surface.

The IDEA is about what we do and what we create, the TRUST relates to the trust that exists in the industry, but also the one that you give forward by doing marketing for people, not at them. The TRANSFORMATION addresses the need for change and the importance of difference. The instruments that we have at our disposal are greater than ever: stories, emotions, content, brilliant ideas but what is beyond that? How do we manage to reach people where they are, fit into their lives and move their attention towards intention? Brands with a purpose do better and as Sir John Hegarty said, “Its not at all about the size of your budget, but the size of you ides and the purpose of that idea”.

Technologies help us connect in a beautiful way, but whatever we do we must keep the idea essential and put people first. We need to approach new business models that can integrate creating a better future, and a sustainable living brand because sustainability and purpose built into the core of a brand will deliver sales.

We need to transform the way we do business and the way we do marketing. That’s why great brands in this world must join movements such as Collectively.org.


I leave you with a great inspirational thought that you might consider a purely theoretical idea; however the fact is that these are the kinds of simple things that we, as marketers, should practice daily.

“Unlike other industries, marketing is growing and emancipating through the rise of technology. But we should not overshadow the human insight. The brands that can combine the science with the art will win” – John Wren, CEO Omnicom.



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