"...Because communication done well can be called art and because art is a beautiful form of communication that goes beyond any prejudice and constraint. Because It’s Art Darling, It’s Art!"

It’s Art darling, it’s Art !

by Anca Ungureanu


#adiary@CannesLions #LastDay

Sometimes words are not enough to describe something great and “the work” must be let alone, to speak for itself.

I reserved my #lastday article for the campaigns I’ve seen this year in Cannes and absolutely loved. Because they comprise everything I wrote about and all the ingredients that make great brands be even greater.

I invite you to join me for a curated selection for #adiary@CannesLions2015.

Enjoy the magic of creativity!

Because #itsartdarlingitsart #itscannesdarlingitscannes



“We are taught from a very young age that we want to become princesses,” explained Debbie Sterling,the CEO of GoldieBlox in a 2013 TED Talk. She is the owner of…

Knowing when to shut up is an art in itself.

Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17468699/Disparus-en-Mer

Knowing when to shut up is an art in itself. Since we’re young we’re encouraged to speak our minds. Parents, friends, society, they all preach about the benefits of talking…