"...Because communication done well can be called art and because art is a beautiful form of communication that goes beyond any prejudice and constraint. Because It’s Art Darling, It’s Art!"

It’s Art darling, it’s Art !

by Anca Ungureanu


The copy makes the music, or not…

Recently, as part of one of the projects that I currently manage at my daily job, I had to find a great memorable copy/VO for a series of new TV spots.

Having found myself in this position, I started to question the actual role of the copywriter: is he actually a creative writer or just a translator that gets the brand message through to the public in an interesting manner? I must admit I don’t think I have the skills to become a good copywriter but I’m a terrific revisionist, so walking in the shoes of the copywriter was pretty exciting.

This whole copywriting situation made me think of a statement that I recently found in an article: “When you write websites, ads, white papers, or other business materials, your readers simply want information. They don’t care about the artistry. They aren’t looking for beauty. They just want to find out how to solve a problem or meet a need.” I believe this is correct but not complete.

I am very fond of watching TV commercials and have become quite a fan of the online videos that are aspiring to become viral. I am always astonished of how disappointing some of them are and wonder who were these marketing directors that paid for such products. They really have no clue what a good copy should look like and consequently they don’t know how to challenge their ad agency in order to get something which is above the industry average. Well maybe because they believe that in order to have a good copy or VO you just need to convey meaning, to connect with needs, to influence and persuade, to focus on the words alone and create. And again, this is correct but not complete.

What’s the purpose of copy? To touch a human truth, to create a meaning, a perception about a service or a product and to engage with the recipients of the message in a specific way. The purpose of copy is on the meaning of what you are saying instead of on how you are saying it.
Most of the VO/ copy’s I’ve heard/ read are using beautiful words, some of them complicated, which have nothing to do with the product or service that is being promoted and have no actual meaning that actually relates to the goals of the brand. These are empty messages that make the commercials look even emptier.

How could we avoid this? I don’t think there is a single way to make a great copy but I believe there are a couple of things that both clients and copywriters should do:

1. We must reach towards the universe of the customers and empathize with the feelings and beliefs of our recipients . Our world is not necessarily their world. We can’t understand someone until we walk a mile in his or her shoes. So we must walk, jog, run, in as many shoes as we can. We have to feel what others feel in order to produce a copy/ VO that connects with them.

2. As Edmund Burke said, “Facts are to the mind what food is to the body.” So we must dig and know all the facts, understand the context very well, dig inside the product and people’s minds, ask questions and find answers we never knew existed.

3. We must be willing to change the copy/ VO as many times as it is necessary, in order to meet our goal. Yes, we might spend hours or days or weeks, writing and rewriting. But I believe top writers are the ruthless editors.

Because I believe a good VO makes the music. If you don’t have a good one, just drop it.

Examples of copy’s and VO’s that I love:


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