"...Because communication done well can be called art and because art is a beautiful form of communication that goes beyond any prejudice and constraint. Because It’s Art Darling, It’s Art!"

It’s Art darling, it’s Art !

by Anca Ungureanu


The spring ends on 30th of September

I have a confession to make.
I feel really lucky to be part of a company that has deeply encrypted in its DNA the love for art. Same as I do. From this shared passion a very important project came out, that I hold dear: Expozitiei 1F Project Space http://www.expozitiei1f.ro/despre-noi

The need to create an alternative space for art exhibitions inside UniCredit Bank HQ has materialised in a series of exhibitions that aimed to question the functionality of a corporate working space. Since its debut in 2012, the space has delivered 2 major series of exhibition to the public.

The first series, consisting of 4 exhibitions, was dedicated to the UniCredit Group art collection and it aimed to bring people closer to contemporary art. In this case, the main focus has been on the employees that are working in the building. The ensuing decision to open it to the general public during weekdays and the weekends was grounded on our willingness to open up the institutional space and create a platform for interaction. The asymmetric 4 sided structure used to display the artworks reminds us of the work of american minimalists like Richard Serra and John McCraken. This approach contributed to establishing an organic relation between the building, the public and the exhibited artworks, related but not constrained to the white cube.

Our second 4 exhibition series is aiming to recover and (re)write in the Romanian public’s minds the work of four Romanian artists. Vincentiu Grigorescu, Diet Sayler, Stefan Bertalan and Gherasim Luca are four very interesting artists. While the main elements that binds them together is that they are mostly known and appreciated outside Romania, each of them has had a very unique path which we aim to re-discover.

The current exhibition is dedicated to Stefan Bertalan, He is an enthusiastic sketcher that uses intensively various graphic techniques in his systematic explorations dedicated to nature, insects, plants and landscapes. He is trying to penetrate natural systems, to decipher them and to highlight defining elements that he reinterprets in a personal way. “I created myself so that I can make a working method to circumvent the slavish copying of nature” says Bertalan.

The intention behind the current selection is to present our own study of Bertalan’s work. The exhibition is not a linear one and does not follows any chronological criteria or specific stylistic developments but it aims to freely map the artist’s interest for construction and deconstruction. The artworks were provided by 2 very important Romanian private collections, one from Timisoara and one from Bucharest and this particular assemblage might not be seen again in the near future.

Personally, although it was in the middle of the summer when it first opened, I felt that Stefan Bertalan’s exhibition has transformed the cold, rigid space in a real spring garden. One that I love. One that you still have one week left to visit.

In Expoztiei 1F Project Space the spring ends on 30th of September.

Source: Artnews.org

Source: Artnews.org

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